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About the author

unknown-personWe really don’t know much about this author other than his work is suitable for all ages. He prefers to fly under the radar, and lives somewhere in one of the warmer States.  We tried to track him down by following the money from his book sales, but that trail was thinner than the plating on a two-bit watch. We just have to wait for his new series to learn more.  – Editor






Anonymous Author

The author wishes to remain unknown
Please assure his cover is never blown
His boss would show him the door
His wife would ensure he died very poor

His lawyer would have him declared insane
His doctor would refuse to treat his pain
Santa Claus would strike him from his list
His daughter would claim he doesn’t exist

Most of all he would be banned from the club
The drinking group at the local Irish pub

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misty trilogy Misty includes three novels describing the adventures of Misty Rush in stories of intrigue and love. From the Catskills of New York to Colorado, Florida, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, this trilogy by Bobby Q. Budrock captures the character of a young woman as she pursues missing children.
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