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Ode to the Tiger

I run and run but the Tiger is gaining ground
I glance back and see Tigers all around
I can feel the Tigers dirty breath
And only hope for a very quick death

Slowly the fog is clearing from my mind
I look back but now see nothing behind
The Tiger occupies my mind day and night
Somehow I can’t keep him out of my sight

The nurse comes to give us all our meds
And to make sure we are tucked in our beds
Then I see a sparkle in his evil eyes
And I know that inside the Tiger lies

I panic and head for the ward room door
Only the Nurse tackles me to the floor
A straight jacket is my sweater I fear
And I know the Tiger is getting near

Once again I am on the run
Darkness, and then I awake to a blazing sun
I can see two Tigers ahead waiting for me
lounging in the shade of a big Acacia tree

They are gorging on the body of my friend
I know I am about to meet a painful end
I awake once again in a small padded cell
I see no escape from this miserable hell

Excerpt of: Odes to the World and Everything in It, Volume 3, Copyright 2014 by Bobby Q. Budrock (Pending Publication)

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Odes to the World and Everything in It, Volume 3,  by Bobby Q. Budrock (Pending Publication)

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