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author, poet, adventurer

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Ode to the Great Southern Wall

 The wall is funded and ready to go
a great distance of 2000 miles or so
but wait there are problems with the land
more important than shifting sand
the land ownership is not clear
major court ordered delays I fear

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If Africa is the origin of the human race
could God have created a more miserable place?
The Sahara creeping south year after year
Man waits for rains that never appear

Dust storms a way of life as the hot winds blow
Snakes, scorpions and spiders the last to go
Clans fighting clans amid the religious strife
all competing for God’s blessing into the afterlife

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Ode to the Tiger

I run and run but the Tiger is gaining ground
I glance back and see Tigers all around
I can feel the Tigers dirty breath
And only hope for a very quick death

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Anonymous Author

The author wishes to remain unknown
Please assure his cover is never blown
His boss would show him the door
His wife would ensure he died very poor

His lawyer would have him declared insane
His doctor would refuse to treat his pain
Santa Claus would strike him from his list
His daughter would claim he doesn’t exist

Most of all he would be banned from the club
The drinking group at the local Irish pub



Odes to the World and Everything in It, Volume 3,  by Bobby Q. Budrock (Pending Publication)


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